We Do Not Sell Trinkets!

Start Making Money with Marketing.

Ask anyone – to me trinkets are fighting words!  Trinkets are a waste of money! They don’t make Sense (Cents).

And I don’t care what is happening in today’s economy – you can make your own economy –  with Make Sense marketing.  Figure out the points at which you “touch” the customer with your service and put in some sensible marketing.

As we head into winter here in the Midwest, a perfect example of who uses Make Sense Marketing is the local furnace man (woman).  Right about now we are all firing up the ole furnace for the first time in the season.  Some of us will find that we need some servicing on the unit.  So we will look on the outside of the casing for that metal adhesive decal put there by the last service man which reads “For Sales and Service Call..”

Not sexy, not flashy. But to the hardworking serviceman who already spends a lot of long hours making an honest buck, a call from a customer he didn’t have to lift a finger to reach, will certainly make him get that warm and fuzzy feeling!

So give me a call  or shoot me an email.  We’ll get together and figure out where you are and where you are not taking advantage of an opportunity to engage your customers.

If we find it Makes Sense (cents) -we’ll do some Marketing.

Sherry Treesh

October 30, 2013 - Posted by | Brand Marketing

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