Does Your Brand Deliver On Its Promise?

What is your brand promise? – Being the answer man? – On time, every time? – Kid friendly?

Where do you touch your customers? – In emails? – In your billing? – When your product is used? – How do you answer the phone? – What about your merchandise packaging?  Often making these areas of touch consistent with your brand promise cost nothing at all to implement.

  • For example, if your office is kid friendly, does it have bright colors and items at kid level?
  • Does the retail packaging have a bright cheery look so that little hands reach out for their purchase?
  • Does the reminder postcard have kid images on it so that it is may be displayed for days to come on the family fridge?
  • If you interact with the little ones, are you addressed by your staff with a kid friendly title and tone?
  • Is your billing easy to read with large clear phone numbers and frequently asked questions easily available for busy moms and dads?

3 steps we can take today:

1.       Think about 3 brands that you like the most and how they make you feel.  What is their promise to you as their customer? What images, colors, words, and items do they use to reinforce that ‘feeling” or promise?

2.       Make a list of all your current advertising, packaging, and areas of communication with your customer.

3.       Look for inconsistencies or gaps in how you communicate.  Do you vary your tagline? Do you change your colors or go with the latest ad attempt of the week?

Your goal is to make it easy for your customer to tell others what it is that makes you and your company different.

Then you are harnessing the true power of Word of Mouth marketing.


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