You and Starbucks – It’s Bigger Than Coffee

NBC featured a piece about a Starbucks promotion a few years back.   Their promotion was  in observance of Earth Day. The point is as pertinent today as it was then.

You see a shot of the city with folks laying down their paper and Styrofoam cups of coffee in the middle of the street to make a statement.

That statement being – one person switching can make a difference.

That switch obviously is to a recyclable type of cup, but less obviously to Starbucks.

I applaud Starbucks for two reasons even through I prefer my Folgers brewed at home.

  1. They are encouraging a more environmentally friendly way to get our java to go
  2.  More importantly – they have used the Power of Promotion to Engage Emotion.   

All throughout  Earth Day and beyond their campaign will be the topic of conversation and the name of Starbucks will forever be associated with Earth-friendly marketing.

In the longer perspective, they will undoubtedly have a healthy rise in their retail sales of Starbucks mugs and accessories.  A great way to diversify and increase profits.




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